Meet Ari

Educator, Speaker, and here to Empower.

Ariel Owens

Ariel “Ari” Owens founded Ari Empowers, Youth Empowerment Agency, in 2018.


Ari is dedicated to “lifting as she climbs”, sharing her knowledge and personal experiences to affirm and encourage others. Ari fulfills her purpose through an emphasis on identity, storytelling, and reflection.   


Ari’s world has been shaped by her experiences as a Black Biracial woman with invisible disabilities. She comes from a large, blended, multicultural family and takes great pride in being a big sister to her three siblings, as well as being the oldest grandchild on both sides of her family.  


Ari facilitates engaging workshops for youth, ages ranging from elementary school to young adults, specializing in: mixed-race identity, gender identity, and self-love. Ari also offers individualized writing support, specializing in copyediting.


Ari values the unique needs of all clients, so she’s happy to tailor workshop topics, or presentation styles, in order to ensure empowering experiences for all involved.