Meet Ari

Educator, Speaker, and here to Empower.

Ariel “Ari” Owens founded Ari Empowers, Youth
Empowerment Agency, in 2018.
Ari is dedicated to “lifting as she climbs”, sharing her
knowledge and personal experiences to affirm and
encourage others. Ari fulfills her purpose through an
emphasis on identity, storytelling, and reflection.




“[Ari’s workshop] made you feel more confident.”

13 year old workshop participant


“I enjoyed [Ari’s] enthusiasm...I love how [she] talked about her life and how she was like us. She made things relatable.”

12 year old workshop participant


“The workshop was helpful because it was helping us be a better us.”

12 year old workshop participant


“I enjoyed everything that was talked about at this workshop and I loved the self care [worksheet].

12 year old workshop participant